WindowsPE+Knoppix+DSL+Debian+Hiren’s BootCD 9.7 USB flash by HardD

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WindowsPE+Knoppix+DSL+Debian+Hiren’s BootCD 9.7 USB flash by HardD |
1.6 GB

This assembly is designed for USB storage media. The boot disk has been specially designed for troubleshooting and solving various problems encountered when working with a computer. Includes a large quantity of utilities for data recovery, backup, diagnostics and testing the computer’s hardware and much more. It includes:

* Windows PE from the assembly for miniCD (core) from HardD (added there 30 meters of wood for different devices – dolzhnv now determined SATA / RAID controllers and network cards to sup car picked up a sata hard drive without any problems)
* Knoppix ADRIANE v1.1 (on the test machine has found all devices, even wifi, connected to the network after the introduction of key)
* Debian Lenny v5 (15.02.2009)
* DSL linux 4.4.10 (loaded quickly, added option to load RAM because that image is small. As Georgia in the frames wait on the screen just blinking cursor)
* Hiren’s BootCD 9.7 RUS
Vosnove loader GRUB, which is recorded directly in zagruhochny sector, and not DevLoader wind, as in other assemblies for flash drives. This saves 5-7 seconds and the address space. Loader installed handles, so I was searching for a means to record an exact copy of the image on the flash drive, so that others are not obsessed with extracting it to the media. This is the first version of such a diverse assembly of a boot, so write comments to improve its usefulness and was ground to do the upgrade.
The image must be stored on a flash drive or hard disk drive 2 GB or more. In this case there will be approximately 300 MB of free space for your nuzhdv or under the data files Knoppixa. Now add screenshots and instructions for retrieving the image. All questions about viruses contact the relevant topics.


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