Windows XP Alternative version 10.5.1 (May 2010)

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Windows XP Alternative version 10.5.1 (May 2010)
| 510MB

Modified build Russian corporate licensing versions of Windows XP Professional SP3.Integrirovany all available updates, automatic installation after selecting the partition, accelerated the overall performance of the system.

Year: 2010
Name of Program: Windows XP SP3 RUS build 08-2009 by philka
Category: Operating Systems
Developer: Microsoft
Platform: x86
File Format: iso
Tablet: Not required

In addition to critical system, also added the following:
Updates and additions:
- Microsoft Calculator Plus;
- Windows Update Agent 7.4.7600.226;
- Microsoft Update 7.4.7600.226;
- Auto Update Client;
- Windows Genuine Advantage Validation 1.9.0040.0 (KB892130);
- Tweek registry instead of MRT (KB890830);
- ICCD Smart Card Driver in Windows Feature Pack for Storage 1.0 (KB952013) - adds Windows XP support for ICCD smart cards;
- KB955704 - adds support for Windows XP file system exFat;
- KB969084 - Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 client;
- KB971513 - Windows Automation API;
- KB943729 - Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions;
- MSXML 4.0 SP3 with the update KB973685;
- KB922120 - LLTD Responder communications;
- KB943729 - Client Group Policy preference extensions for Microsoft Windows XP;
- KB909520 - Package Base CSP smart card;
- KB931125 - Update Root Certificates;
- Updates for Internet Explorer 6 (KB980182);
- Windows Media Player 11 with updates.

Installed programs and utilities:
- Adobe ® Flash ® Player ActiveX and Plugin v10.0.45.2 (for viewing Flash animations in Internet Explorer and other applications, including all the popular browsers - Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Chrome, Safari, etc.);
- DirectX for February;
- A set of libraries on almost all occasions;
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 SP1, 2008, 2010 with all updates;
- Defragmenter System File "(SysInternals Page Defrag);
- Utility (system service) UPHClean, which provides the correct unload user profile;

Integrated drayverpak MassStorage, to ensure the installation of assembly on the laptops and not only.

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