System Rescue CD V1.5.4 I386 1xCD (x86/x64)

System Rescue CD v1.5.4 i386 1xCD (x86/x64), full software

System Rescue CD v1.5.4 i386 1xCD (x86/x64)
| 250 MB

SystemRescueCd, made on the basis of Gentoo Live CD, containing utilities for the hard disk and the challenges of data recovery, has been updated to version 1.5.4.

Among the items listed in the changelog: update alternative versions of the Linux kernel prior to (altker32 + altker64); updated standard versions of the Linux kernel prior to (rescuecd + rescue64); FSArchiver updated to version 0.6.10 (fixes some bugs) ; updated GNU parted to version 2.2 with the superposition of several patches from Ubuntu 10.04; Update Memtest86 + to version 4.10, update firmware to version 20100430; disable NetworkManager when using the boot option, PXE / network; fixed problem with the firmware file in the initramfs; fixed service pxe-boot -server (deleted the empty folder); added NetworkManager, to make the configuration of networks (primarily wireless) mapping names of kernel modules before they load and run.

Title: SystemRescueCd
Version: 1.5.4
Architecture: i386, x86/x64
Type discs: CD





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