The Foundry NukeX V6.0V6 (x32/x64) For Windows/Linux/MacOSX

The Foundry NukeX v6.0V6 (x32/x64) for Windows/Linux/MacOSX, full software

The Foundry NukeX v6.0V6 (x32/x64) for Windows/Linux/MacOSX | 737 MB

Nuke is a powerful compositing application that delivers unparalleled speed, an efficient multi-channel scanline rendering engine, and a first-class feature set that is unrivalled in the desktop market. If you are in the business of creating high-quality digital images Nuke is a production proven visual effects tool that brings speed, functionality and flexibility to your VFX pipeline.

Nuke 6.0 incorporates a a completely new shape rotoscope and paint toolset based on a rewritten core curve library and new RotoPaint node. This release introduces a flexible, non-destructive, layer based paint hierarchy integrated with Nuke s animation and tracking capabilities and supporting per-object attributes such as blending modes and motion blur. As an additional benefit, The Foundry s highly acclaimed Keylight keyer is now a standard feature included with Nuke 6.0

NukeX 6.0 has all the features of Nuke 6.0, including the brand new roto and paint tools and the Foundry's acclaimed keyer, Keylight as standard. In addition, it has an integrated 3D camera tracker depth generator, tools for automatic lens distortion correction and also includes FurnaceCore, the nucleus of the Foundry's Academy Award -winning Furnace tool set

NukeX includes all the features Nuke and additionally has a built-in 3D camera tracker, depth generator, tools for automatic correction of distortion and lens, but also includes FurnaceCore - flicker filter.

Working in 3D environment
Three-dimensional workspace, Nuke supports the import of format OBJ, projection (projection mapping), import of 3D cameras and more.

64-channel OpenEXR workflow
Nuke fully supports EXR: reading, processing and record up to 64 channels of EXR data.

A new image-based keyer (image based keyer - IBK) gives an opportunity to color a new way, namely, individual work with each color channel. This made possible the most fine-tuning.

Custom Interface
Saving configurations, tuning the interface and improved tools, such as buttons "bullseye" and "input", as well as the TCL label sites much easier to navigate lengthy scripts.

Even when processing high-definition material on modest hardware with 32-bit floating-point scan-line multi-threaded architecture provides a quick response. When it comes to rendering, Nuke safely be called a leader in its class.

Nuke supports the principle of the most open architecture. As the scenario and the user interface based on a scripting language TCL, allows you to customize a package in countless ways. Moreover, the kit includes the SDK.

All plug-ins OpenFX (OFX) from The Foundry is fully compatible with Nuke. Also at this time supported keyer Keylight, Tinder and Furnace collections in OFX format. In the future, the list will grow.


OS: WinAll
Languages: English





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