The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP)

Full Software Downloads, The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP)

The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP)
Action | XS Games
| 510 MB

The Red Star is based on the comic book series of the same name, telling against the Special Forces of the United Republics of the Red Star with the wild eastern magi nomadic tribes. A compelling, visually elegant example of a military chronicle of the parallel world, where the communist system is intertwined with technomage. Mixture beat'em up and shooter allows players to wreak destruction among the hundreds of enemies, using both cold and fire (energy) weapons.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Authorities seized the military and academics. The economy squeezed in a vise and directed all the forces swirling public to leap to the stars and the knowledge of magical forces of nature. This led to the fact that after only a century Union of Republics of the Red Star (URRS: The 'United Republics of the Red Star) began to dominate in space and on the Earth. Red Giant ships of the fleet is hardly inferior to the Imperial cruisers and battleships from the far-distant galaxy. Commanders are governed broken in power and technological wizards (warkasters), but for these wiseacres carefully looked after by specialists from the Third Division of the National Security Agency. After the invasion of the Red Fleet in Alistan (Al'Istaan - yes, a prototype of Afghanistan) in the country is an armed coup. Red commanders did not want to destroy the people of the desert, a move which angered the security services. The leader of the rebel Troika usurped power and brutally cracked down on dissidents. Republic Nokgorka an uprising against the dictatorship and won a crushing blow from the Red Fleet, and was forced to turn to guerrilla warfare. Fortunately, in the ruins of cities can be well hidden.
Person series, the daughter of the leader of the insurgent Nokgorki, and one of the heroes of the game - Makita. Dual pistols for long range, the hammer and sickle (this is no joke!) For a showdown in the melee. The second number is lad Kyuzo, clad, like the red guards in heavy armor, armed with a gigantic bayonet-knife and gun. This "bulldozer" had once worked as a bodyguard for the third character in the game - Maya Antares. One of the leading magicians technologists his great country and the wife of a former commander of the Red Navy is trying to save the country and her own husband from final destruction.

In the game to understand and feel the story incredibly difficult. Unintelligible messages running line and the dark pages of text does not give a tenth of understanding. Obviously, we should already be aware of the local rather amusing events. However, dynamic battles do not give time for extraneous thoughts, and podkidyvayut brain food entirely different kind.

Pluckit plans dictator Troika have inside the giant ships, the ruins and deserts Nokgorki Alistana. All corridors and open spaces teeming with soldiers and equipment. Fighting minions of the usurper is far from banal beating the crowd of opponents. Every individual must dance the dance of death. Discourage tap, running away from the fan colored bullets and pulses to the turn send a response queue. Go through squatting under a rain of bombs, mortar shells and cut the throat scorer. Finally, to get near them and sharpened movements disrupt the armor and get to the soft body of the enemy.

System requirements:
Firmware: 5.03-GEN-C ,5.50-GEN-D-3

Full Software Downloads, The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP)
The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP)
The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP)


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