PGCSoft CRM Express Professional V2010.5.1.0

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PGCSoft CRM Express Professional v2010.5.1.0 | 39.6 MB

The program is designed to automate processes with customers. PGCSoft CRM Express Professional helps to organize the effective work of sales, marketing, service at all stages of interaction with customers.
Common features CRM Express Professional:

1. Manage customer base, detailed characteristics of each client and contact person, the dynamics of change in the state of relations with customers, the ability to quickly enter and access customer information;
2. Managing contacts with customers, taking into account the history of contacts with customers, the registration requirements of customers, rapid transfer of information between departments, planning, contacts
3. Planning and control activities, coordination of work in time, the system of reminders and the issuance of jobs;
4. Business process management by working with clients, creating rules of working with clients and patterns of typical action for the sale and service of claims;
5. Sales management, development of technology sales of various product groups, managing the stages and phases of the sale, the creation of standard templates of action, the mechanism of the preparation of business proposals, mechanism of operation management and analysis of the sales cycle - "funnel" of sales;
6. Integration with financial and accounting software allows you to create a common information space to work with clients;
7. Marketing Management - segmenting customers, manage marketing companies, evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns;
8. Questioning - gathering information about customers, products, competitors, regions. Analysis of questionnaires;
9. Telemarketing - providing mass Calling customers for a given scenario conversation, contact and registration forms;
10. Service and warranty service. Accounting for goods in services: the serial number, date and type of service, management service customer care, management of service orders treatment;
11. Multivariate analysis of sales, ABC sales analysis, analysis of work with clients, staff's performance, analysis of client base;
12. The knowledge base of sales, products, competitors, service, structuring of information, search by keyword, quick access to information;
13. Privacy policy, setting up for users right to access information, providing the user access only to information on its customers;
14. Facilitate the implementation of routine operations, integration with email, reporting, assistant commissioning of new customers, search twins clients, the group handling customer filters.
15. And much more ......

For more information and want to contact your home page on the program.
Among the most characteristic features is to provide multi-user mode and complete adaptation to the work of the network.

CRM Software CRM-Express Professional is a Contact, eSales and eMarketing Manager. CRM-Express can manage your marketing, customers, sales and orders. Features include SMS abilities, E-mail Client, Calendar, Address Book, My work day, News Feeds, Meeting Planner, Company Library, Form Designer, Journal. CRM-Express is now fully re-entrant, multi-user and network enabled. Allows for any number of simultaneous users to an address book.

Professional Edition This is a multi user edition meant for one or more users. This edition can share databases on a network on more than one computer.

Easy to use
Menu items can be switched off to only show what you need. This simplifies the program to make it easier to learn and use.

Fax and Call management
Send Faxes, make calls with dial-up and call-timing

Email Client
Fast, Multi-threaded Email with Templates and Mail merge for Email Send and Receive

Create Sales performance and management reports quickly and easily

Some outstanding features:
Address Book

* View and edit all communications with a contact immediately including emails sent and received
* Changes made to a contact is immediately available to all users on the network
* All changes made via synchronization is immediately available on the network
* Any number of custom fields can be added
* Auto-dial from any contact number
* Communicate via Email, Fax and SMS. Store communicated messages by contact for easy retrieval.


* Synchronize email with computers not always connected to the network
* Advanced set of rules allow you to
o Parse email messages to CSV files
o Auto-add new contacts to email lists
o Auto-remove contacts from email lists
o Auto-reply with templates
o Auto-create new contacts from email messages

* Share email - email changes are immediately available to all users
* Manage email lists


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