Everything you do on your PC with Hidden Desktop is completely and securely hidden with no visible traces.
Perfect for PCs that are shared with others, Laptops that have sensitive information (which may be stolen),
and for those who require extreme privacy from hackers, or intruders of any kind. Hidden Desktop creates a new private,
hidden desktop where you can install your favorite apps, create and save documents, pictures, and browse the internet.
All files, data and activity is completely hidden and secure nobody will know it exists, nor will they be able to access it.

Application features:

- No need to manage cookies or browsing history
- Keep your existing Desktop for non-private work
- Secure and Hide all your files, videos, and pictures
- All activity is hidden with no traces
- Panic hotkey to quickly log off and revert back to public desktop
- Works with nearly all browsers, chat, and email programs
- Save and Store unlimited files and folders
- Even hides itself if you walk away from your computer!

download :