Windows XP Professional 64 bit Edition SP2 SATA

Windows XP Professional 64 bit Edition SP2 SATA AHCI UpPack 100616 | 1.14GB

Windows XP 64 bit from Lopatkin. Iintegrirovany critical updates from the Update on 16/06/2010. Activation is not required, the key input is not necessary.

5er_UpdatePack_XPx64SP2_2010-06_1 and 5er_IE8_Addon_2010-06_1_x64,
Critical updates from Update on 06/16/2010,
MassStorage_x64_10.3.25 (packet driver SATA AHCI),

DirectX 9.0 (06.2010),
added Sidebar,
2 Themes
search engines Yandex, etc.,
Media Classic x64 Ru - provides HD and Blu-Ray video *. mkv, *. m2ts,
preset system
small programs - MyDefrag, Total Commander, WinRAR, 7-Zip, UltraISO, Everest, AutoRun, GisMeteo, StopPC, lightweight XnView - instead of scissors.

Exit to the desktop in English, select the IP Language and Region - all Russian and exit the system.

The recommended setup is outright from the CD-ROM under DOS!
When installed on a T29, T22, T13 requests Security Alert answer Yes. These properties 5er_UpdatePack_XPx64SP2_2010-06_1, and not bug.
Specially made installing DX9 and MUI from the T13 to log into the system, so as not clicking the mouse.

Activation is not required, the key input is not necessary. Additionally, you can install from the CD folder DOTNETFX Net.Framework 3.5 SP1 x64 - expansion of the system for programming

On file:
Activation / reg code: not required
Language: English + Russian
Developer: Microsoft / Lopatkin
File Format: iso
Platform / OS: x64
Size: 1.14 Gb
md5: 72ED3F371FCC5C3F5BED303230978C98
SHA1: 5D921AF40089626C09155E792C9258CCA853BE2B

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