How to Backup Windows Vista

Windows Vista can be used to complete numerous tasks, both personal and professional. It is a powerful tool with many useful programs that can create files of all types. However, sometimes things go wrong, and files are lost. In the event such a thing happens, it is best to be prepared and backup everything on your computer you possibly can.

Things You'll Need:

    * Windows Vista operating system
    * Separate hard drive for backing up files and programs, such as D drive

      Back Up Programs

      Step 1
      Go to "Control Panel" from the Start menu.

      Step 2
      Click on "System and Maintenance," then "Backup and Restore Center."

      Step 3
      Click "Back up your computer."

      Step 4
      Select a drive on which to back up Windows Vista.

      Step 5
      Follow the ensuing instructions on the screen to back up Windows Vista.

Back Up and Restore Files

      Step 1
      Click "Back up files" from the "Back up and Restore Center" to back up your files. Follow the instructions.

      Step 2
      Click "Restore Files" from the "Back Up and Restore Center" and follow the instructions to restore files that have been previously backed up.

      Step 3
      Execute a System Restore by going to All Programs from the Start menu and then to Accessories.

      Step 4
      Click "System Restore." Enter password if necessary.

Tips and Warnings

      Be aware of which drive is which when selecting a drive to back up Windows Vista. Many computers have six or seven disc drives, hard drives and external drives attached to them. The icons for each of these drives will often look exactly the same. Test each one before you back up files, to see which drive is which, and which drive would be best for backing up your computer.
      Backing up Windows Vista only needs to be done once. However, backing up your files should be done regularly. You are adding important files to your computer all the time. Don't risk losing them.
      A System Restore will take your computer's files back to an earlier point in time, usually a few days. If a harmful or troublesome change is made to your computer, you can often restore the computer to the state it was in before the change was made, thus fixing the problem.
      It is not recommended that you back up Windows Vista onto CDs or DVDs. If possible, use a separate hard drive from your main drive. However, if you do use discs to back up your computer, be aware that you will need a great many of them. There is a lot of information to be backed up.



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