How to Backup Files Computer

It is recommended that everyone backs up their personal computer files. You never know when your hard drive might die or your files wiped out by an untimely virus. Backing up your computer files is not as complicated as it may seem, follow the simple steps below to find out how to easily back up and protect your computer files.


    * One free and convenient way to backup your computer is with the use of an internet based file upload service. Websites such as (see resources section below) allow Windows users to upload as much as 2 GB(equal to 2,000 MB) of free storage . Getting started on these websites is simply, just create a user name and password, log in, and start uploading files from your computer by following the simple directions on the website.

Note that if you need to upload more than 2GB of storage, will give you unlimited storage space for $5.00 per month. Check other websites listed in my resources section below to compare rates.

    * Another option when it comes to backing up computer files is with the use of an external hard drive. An external hard drive is basically what it's name states an "external " hard drive ... A standalone storage device that plugs into your computer from the outside. You can find an external hard drive at Frys electronics stores, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc . The price of these hard drives depends on how much memory you need. An external hard drive with a good amount of memory on it will cost anywhere from $50 - $100.
    * A fast and convenient way to back up your files is with the use of a blank CD. Simply insert the CD into your computer, press "start", open "my computer", click on "CD-RW", once you have opened the CD file you can drag any files you want onto the CD. Most rewritable CD's will have a storage space of around 700 MB. If you have a lot of files you need backed up, you might want to go with step 1 or 2, either that or you can use multiple CDs.
    * Refer to my resources section below for more information on backing up computer files.

Tips & Warnings

    *Use CDs for smaller jobs and an external hard drive for bigger backup needs
    *Always backup your important files



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