List Social Network

Social News Networks:

  1. Digg - community based web 2.0 social network.
  2. Plime – news network where users can vote up and down.
  3. NewsClowd – network to share popular news.
  4. Mixx- Digg style application to share news, pictures, and videos.
  5. Linkinn – old news sharing network.
  6. EarthFrisk- news network (Digg style)
  7. Zimbio – allow members to ping their blogs, submit stories, write articles, and share links.
  8. Searchles – media blog to share news and viral stories.
  9. Hugg- network to post news links (Digg style).
  10. Kirtsy -interesting site to find and share information.
  11. NewsVine – news site to share serious information and stories.
  12. Jigg- Digg style social bookmarking site.
  13. Propeller – extremely popular news site.
  14. ShoutWire – network to rate pictures, news, and videos.
  15. Linkspocket – simple news network.
  16. Content Pop – site to find popular content pages.
  17. TrailFire – well designed network to share news and bookmarks.
  18. Folkdallow to bookmark, save, and vote for links.
  19. Uvouch – media site to share videos, photos, and blogs.
  20. Danogo – newest social site to share news and opinion.
  21. BarksBookmarkssite to find cool news.
  22. Web-Feeds -StumbleUpon style news network.
  23. VoteLists – well designed site to vote for web pages and news.
  24. Ka-Boom-it!- Digg style network to bookmark news.
  25. Ximmy – social site which offers money to users.
  26. Invincibelle- social media site powered by RawSugar.
  27. Faves – popular news sharing community.
  28. Tagza – site to tag news.
  29. Mister-Wong – site with more than 4 mil. visitors per month.
  30. BibSonomy – old social network to share and tag news.
  31. Jumptags – social site to share news, tags, pages, websites, and even contacts!
Social Bookmarking Networks:
  1. – one of the most popular social bookmarking network.
  2. StumbleUpon – provides the best traffic.
  3. Furl- social bookmarking site. Owned by LookSmart.
  4. Reddit – social bookmarking / social news site.
  5. Simpy – old social site to share links.
  6. Magnolia – allow people to submit bookmark and share it with different groups.
  7. SpicyPage – network to tell about your own website.
  8. IndianPad – popular Indian bookmarking site.
  9. BlinkList – network which allow to bookmark pages from your toolbar.
  10. Blogmarks – bookmarking site to save links and share with other users.
  11. FeedMeLinks – place to bookmark links and find what others bookmark.
  12. Fungow – another social bookmarking site to share links.
  13. Linkatopia – site to save links.
  14. Faves – network to post favorite links for specific topics.
  15. Tagza – social bookmarking site to publish list.
  16. Stumpedia – human powered search engine which allow to bookmark links as well.
  17. Clipmarkscreative bookmarking site which allow to bookmark parts of specific page or website.
  18. Netvouz – network to display latest bookmarks.
  19. StartAid – network to find and save news and bookmarks.
  20. GetBoo – tag your favorite pages.
  21. Diigo – site to tag, bookmark, and share favorite places on the web.
  22. OYAX – social bookmarking network.
  23. SpotBack – site to find what other people bookmark.
Social Search Engines:
  1. Stumpedia – human powered search engine.
  2. Rollyo – search engine to find favorite things on the web.
  3. Tall Street – search engine to rank results.
Social Shopping Networks:
  1. ThisNext – social site where people can share shopping experience.
  2. AgentB – network to find deals, sales, and cheap goods.
  3. Deal Comet – social site to submit and find deal.
  4. Zebo – product advising network.
  5. Dealigg- Digg style social shopping network.
  6. Kaboodle – create wish list and submit stuff you want to buy.
  7. Wists – network to share shopping websites.
  8. ShoppersBase – social media site to find goods.
RSS Feed readers and networks:
  1. Technorati – social site to submit RSS Feeds, find popular posts, rate blogs.
  2. Syndic8 – network to submit and discover RSS Feeds.
  3. Blogs Collection- RSS Feed network for bloggers.
  4. MyFeedz – site to search popular stories through RSS Feeds.
  5. BumpZee – network to search interesting topics and subscribe for RSS Feeds.
  6. Genwi – social site to create profile and submit RSS Feeds.
  7. Today- news media network where bloggers can submit RSS Feeds.
  8. Blogz – RSS Feed discovery and blog search engine.
  9. 2RSS – directory, Feed reader, and news site.
  10. Plazoo – RSS Feed reader.
  11. Weblogs – instant Feed reader and news provider.
  12. RSS Feeds Directory – general directory of RSS Feeds.
  13. Press Radar – discover the most popular news through RSS.
  14. RSSMad – simple network to find news.
Miscelanious Networks:
  1. FaceBook – student / friend network where you can share basically everything.
  2. LinkedInprofessional network to find business partners, co-workers, industry news.
  3. Squidoo – network to share knowledge and passion.
  4. 43 things – social networking site where users create accounts and then share lists of goals and hopes.
  5. FriendSite – friend network with great social bookmarking section.
  6. Naymz – network to find professional connections.
Ping Services:
  1. Ping-O-Matic! - the most popular ping service
  2. FeedShark- service to submit RSS Feeds and podcasts.
  3. BlogFlux Pinger – ping for the most popular networks.
  4. Blog On USA – submit your RSS in 50+ networks.
  5. King Ping – ping to 57 networks and services.
  6. Pingoat – popular ping service.
  7. Google Ping – ping service to add blog in Google Blog Search.
Social Sites for Bloggers:
  1. MyBlogLog- network to connect bloggers. Owned by Yahoo.
  2. Bloglines - network to search, share, and publish blogs.
  3. BlogCatalog- social community of bloggers.
  4. Technorati – network to provide information about blogs, find popular posts, rank blogs.
  5. Zimbio – media site to share last posts from blogs.
  6. BlogsCollection – social site to find blog RSS Feeds.
  7. Blogoria- newest social site to unite bloggers.
  8. BlogCode- social site to rate your blog and find related blogs and bloggers.
  9. Fuel My Blog- social site to find friends and communicate with other bloggers.
  10. Blogsvine- network with Digg application for bloggers.
  11. Wobblog- site for bloggers to vote for their favorite posts.
  12. Blog Reporter- Digg style network for blogs.
  13. BlogEngage – forums, news, and blog directory.
Blog Directories:
  1. BlogExplosion – blog directory and network to increase blog traffic.
  2. BlogHublarge portal for bloggers with 35 000+ members.
  3. BOTW blogs- one of the most popular paid directory for bloggers.
  4. Blogarama – network was recently updated and now it offer to rate and vote for blogs.
  5. EatOnWeb -probably the oldest directory for weblogs.
  6. LsBlogs – provide blog directory and directory of blog resources.
  7. AddUrlBlog – simple blog directory.
  8. BlogTagstic – site to submit and tag blogs.
  9. Blogs By City – old directory for blogs.
  10. The Blog Resource - paid directory for blogs.
  11. Bloggeries- strong directory for bloggers.
  12. BlogFlux- membership required to submit your blog.
  13. BlogDirs – general blog web directory.
  14. Blogoriffic- allow blogers to submit blog and RSS Feeds.
  15. BlogBibgreat designed blog directory.
  16. Grokodile – blog directory which reminds DMOZ.
  17. DirSpace Blogs – Blog category on popular web directory.
  18. Blog Advance – network with forum and blog rating system.
  19. Vital – blog and news search.
  20. Bloggernity – blog portal and search network.
  21. PodDop – fast growing blog directory.
  22. Blog Search- regestration required to submit link.
  23. BlogHop – popular network for blogs.
  24. GetBlogs – general blog directory.
  25. Blog Listings – web directory to list your blog.
  26. SubmitBlogs – newest blog directory.
  27. Finding Blogs -create account before submitting.
  28. Link Blogs – you have to email admin for submission.
  29. 2-Review – blog review network.
  30. One Thousand Bloggers- Milliondollarhomepage copycat for bloggers.
  31. TopWeblog – simple web directory.
  32. 5 Star Blogs – blog ranking directory.
  33. Blog Intro Directory – build in blog directory.
  34. BlogListing- allow to tag and submit weblogs.
  35. Blog Sweet – general blog directory.
  36. Blogion – fast growing Web 2.0 directory.
  37. Blog Announce – blog directory.
  38. BlogDup – general blog directory with high Pagerank.
  39. Blog Finds – categorized blog directory and search.
  40. Postami – blog directory and RSS finder.
  41. Surreal Blog – general directory to submit blog.
  42. MVblogs – simple directory for blog submission.
  43. Ajdee – category to submit blog.
  44. Blog Folders – directory with simple design.
  45. Chat to US – paid blog directory.
  46. Creative Blogs- categorised directory for bloggers.
  47. Nubbit – portal to find news and submit links.
  48. Bigger Blogger – simple categorised directory.
  49. BloggerHQ – blog directory with perfect design.
  50. BloggingAbroad – regular blog directory.
  51. Blogoozle – blogs organised by Google Pagerank.
  52. Diarist – blog directory and blogger network.
  53. BlogWidow- not a real directory. It is content submission network for bloggers.
  54. Delightful Blogs – inredible interesting design.
  55. B.Collection – interesting directory.
  56. Blog-Directory – directory to get information about blogs.
  57. MyBlog2U – blog directory and search.
  58. The Million Blogs – pixel blog directory.
  59. BlogZ Search- general portal for bloggers.
  60. Blog Popular – receprocal directory for blogs.
  61. Wutzle- network offers multiple services for bloggers.
  62. BlogZ – regular / general blog directory.
  63. High Class Blogs – directory to find cool blogs with updates every 24 hours.
  64. Photarium – network to tag blogs.
  65. BlogAdr – directory and news site.
  66. Blog Drive – simple blog directory.
  67. Blog Bunch – BETA blog directory.
  68. BlogZoop – blog directory, forum, tools, and more.
  69. BlogVille – “get a street for your blog”.
  70. Instant Blog Directory – new directory.
  71. Blog Directory – United Kingdom blog directory.
  72. Optimum Blogs – general directory for blogs.
  73. z-Blogs – directory for quality blogs.
  74. 1CoolFire – network with multiple submission options.
  75. B4Blogs- simple directory for weblogs.
  76. Alive Blog Directory – paid web directory.
  77. Blog Collector – newest blog directory.
  78. Super Blog Directory – they call themself “super”… just another blog index.
  79. BlogHints – blog directory and search index.
  80. Bloggapedia – directory and network to find interesting blogs.
  81. Helios Blogs – newest blog bookmarking network.
Blog Search Engines:
  1. Technorati – social network and search engine.
  2. Sphere – one of the most popular blog search engine.
  3. Bloglines – powerfull network and blog search.
  4. Blog Search Engine – search engine and news provider.
  5. Fybersearch – old network to search RSS Feeds and news.
  6. FlexFinder – very old search engine with ability to search blogs.
  7. IceRocket – 100% blog search engine.
  8. Blogz – RSS Feed discovery and blog search engine.
  9. BlogDigger – established search engine for blogs.
Niche Networks For Bloggers:
  1. I Blog Business - network for business and marketing blogs.
  2. Blogs: Small Business – general business directory.
  1. Human Capital Institute- educational site for bloggers.
  2. BlogScholar – academic blogging portal.
  1. Queer Filter- network for gay culture and bloggers.
  1. MilBlogging- blogging portal for military bloggers.
  1. Band Weblogs – community for people who blog about popular and rock music.
  1. Lefty Blogs – for US politic blogs and news sites.
  1. Photo Blog Directory – general directory for photo blogs.
  2. Photoblogs -portal. Photo blogs, news, wiki…
  3. Fotolog- social network community for photo bloggers.
Random topics:
  1. Ageless - blogging by age.
  1. Blogs4god - christian blog network (Digg style).
  1. Sport Blogs -articles, store, directory, and news about sport from bloggers.
Technology / Internet:
  1. Geeks with blogs – extremely popular commynity for geeks.
  2. Swik – software and related news.
Video Blogging:
  1. VBD – video blog directory.
  2. Vidblogs- social network for video bloggers.
  1. Blogs by Women - directory with over 5000 members.
  2. BlogHer- social site for women bloggers.
  1. Easy Wordpress - directory for wordpress blogs.
Niche Social Sites:
  1. AutoSpies - large network to share auto industry news.
  2. MotorPulse- Digg style network to find auto industry news.
  3. Boompa – network for people who loves cars.
  1. Bizzlo - network to share business and investment ideas.
  2. Feed The Bull – investment and stock market community.
  1. All About Steak – Yes! social site where people can submit links about steak and beef.
  1. Care2 – news about enviroment, health, nature.
  2. PlantChange- Australian enviromental community (Digg style).
  1. Health Rankerhealth social news.
  1. NewsHeat - Digg style site to find political opinion and news.
  1. Dzone – site to bookmark links for web developers.
  2. CSS Globe – site to share web design and web marketing stories.
  3. PixelGroovy – network to share web design experience and knowledge.
  4. DesignFloat – social site for web designers.
  5. Sphinn – popular SEO, web marketing, and web design community.
  6. DevelopersNiche – web design, software, technology news….
  7. DnHour- Digg style network to share ninformation about domains.
  8. PlugIm – internet and web marketing news.
  9. Swik – software and related news.
  10. Slashdot Bookmarks – the most popular technology blog and community.
  1. Gusto - travel links, news, and reviews.
Video Games:
  1. VGpro - community to find news about gaming industry.
  1. Boudica – social news for women.



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